New Meeting

The Stone Free Group has announced a new meeting each Saturday at 8:00 pm at the Survivors Club, 1321 Airline Drive in Bossier City.  Local members are encouraged to come out and support the new meeting.  

From NA World Services:

“PR Week

We are excited to announce the first annual NA PR week is 3-9 June 2019. The first week of June is the week set annually.

We encourage every PR area, regional, and zonal committee to commit to at least one activity. We will be offering suggestions; yet, you are free to get creative and choose what may work best for your committee. We are offering a link to PR week for ideas for activities and resources for posters, banners, billboards, etc. 

Activity suggestions highlighted below are from experienced members who participate in NA World Services PR web meetings and zonal PR/Fellowship development meetings. Members who generated these ideas suggested that PR subcommittees order Basic Text blue t-shirts that include the NA PR logo or the NA logo on the front, and the PR week slogan on the back, along with your area/regional/zonal website and/or helpline number. 

Suggested PR Week theme/slogan: We All Are PR 

Activity ideas:

  • Commit to follow up with contacts previously initiated. 
  • Knock on one new door—reach out to a community provider. 
  • Have a poster/flyer or pharmacy card campaign.
  • Donate NA Basic Texts to local, school, and/or college libraries.
  • Participate in community health fairs, festivals, community resource days, pride day, etc.
  • Collaborate with another area on a combined PR activity.
  • Hold learning days that feature NA Traditions and include helpline, website, and H&I members.
  • Host a PR day at a park. 

Culminate your week with a celebration that may feature:

  • PR skits with do’s and don’ts for PR.
  • PR speakers. 
  • a 1K fun walk/run or 5K or 10k fun-raising and awareness-raising walk/run that ends in a park with a celebration event. 
  • Food events such as a barbeque, potluck, chili cook-off, and so on.”

The first week in June is a ways off but it’ll be here before we know it.  To get the ball rolling a PR section has been added to the website.  Talk to Jessica about any ideas you may have or discuss it at ASC.  Let’s get the message out to  “…the addict who still suffers” and let them know we are here!

North Louisiana Area

Welcome to The  North Louisiana Area of Narcotics Anonymous Website. The  North Louisiana Area of Narcotics Anonymous has been operating for over 30 years. We are a member of the Louisiana Region of Narcotics Anonymous and currently hold meetings in Shreveport, Bossier City, Ruston, Farmerville, and Springhill, Louisiana.  Our Area Service Committee  meets on the third Sunday of each month at the Survivors Club, 1321 Airline Drive in Bossier City, LA, at 2:00 pm.   Our only requirement for membership is the desire to stop using. For a full list of our meetings click here.

If you are an Addict or think you might be an Addict and want to do something about it, call our helpline  at 1-800-624-9776  or fill out the contact form on this site and we will get in touch with you — or better yet just come to a meeting!  

We Do Recover

When at the end of the road we find that we can no longer function as a human being, either with or without drugs, we all face the same dilemma. What is there left to do? There seems to be this alternative: either go on as best we can to the bitter ends—jails, institutions or death—or find a new way to live. In years gone by, very few addicts ever had this last choice. Those who are addicted today are more fortunate. For the first time in man’s entire history, a simple way has been proving itself in the lives of many addicts. It is available to us all. This is a simple spiritual—not religious—program, known as Narcotics Anonymous.

Reprinted from the White Booklet, Narcotics Anonymous. © 1986 by Narcotics Anonymous World Services, Inc., PO Box 9999, Van Nuys, CA 91409 ISBN 0-912075-65-1 6/04